Game Trailer Visuals: An In-Depth Guide

The visuals make up most of a video game trailer. (Otherwise, it’d be a video game radio ad!) We recently talked about them in our complete guide to making a video game trailer, but there’s absolutely more to say.

So, here are all the visuals that can be seen in a trailer and how you can make them! We’ll get to the different types of visuals, but let’s start with basic artistic considerations first.

Establish a Visual Style for the Trailer
Your game probably already has a visual or artistic style, and that style should also be your trailer’s. If you slot 777 login already have the style, feel tidak dipungut bayaran to skip to the trailer material.

If you don’t have a visual style or aren’t too sure about it, this section is for you. This kind of uncertainty is especially present in the first stages of game development or for smaller games that might deceive you into thinking you don’t need a visual style! (Take it from us, even the simplest games have visual styles.)

What is a Visual Style?
As you might’ve guessed, a visual style is how all the visual components of a game (animations, cinematics, fonts, etc.) come together to create a certain atmosphere. These items are usually coupled with music, sounds, and voiceover, but that’s not our concern in this post.

So, what atmosphere you have established in the game should also go for your trailer. For example, if you’ve created a deep dark world (like in any of the Bioshock series) you’ll need to pinpoint what makes it deep and dark. On the other hand, if you have a fun casual game (like Stardew Valley) you’d like your audience to want the fun, casual experience. But how? Read on.

How to Detect Your Visual Style
Ask yourself these questions and you’ll get clearer on what to go, especially for the visuals.

What inspired you to create this game at all?
What would you like your players to experience with your game? Joy? Love? Catharsis?
How realistic-looking is your game?
How is your game’s lighting?
Do you have your game’s color palette?